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Best Professional Pressure Washers

As a homeowner, you'll want to put your money exactly where you need to--where you get only the best results. Pressure washing your own home on your own without professional assistance and experience may cause more harm than good. More damage gets done by novice pressure washers that then needs to be fixed and more money spent. This--you don't need. Here are not only the top four reasons to use a pressure washing company but why you should hire Orange County Best Pressure Washing Company.

Pre-screened Technicians:

We have the right people that are hand chosen and certified. We don't just send over a guy with a pressure washer to damage your home and do a sub-par job because we never met him. Don't think this doesn't happen--in Orange County--it does, and homeowners get burned. We not only have the certifications, but we have the licenses and properly inspected equipment to use on your home. We have the best insurances that will protect both the home in case of any mishaps--though they rarely, if ever, happen with us--and will protect the worker in case of injury. All you--the homeowner, have to think about is getting the best service available. Nowhere else are you guaranteed the best service at the best prices available.

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Another thing you can count on from Orange County Best Pressure Washing is you will always talk to a real person, and not only that--you won't get patched into a call center somewhere or an answering service. We are always here--us--the people that own the company and work in the field. We still have foreman's and project managers that are willing and, best of all, able to answer all of your most pertinent questions. Not just for the initial consultation but throughout the entire project. You see, our professionals are trained to see and catch even the slightest damaged area on your home that you may not be aware of. An inventory should always be taken prior to any work beginning work so that if we do find anything, you'll know if it was pre-existing.

  • This is something that will cost you less money in the future. Some of the things we may find is a loose window sill or a roof shingle. It's best you know before a good winter and handle it when you can then not knowing and having it be too late. 

Thorough Process:

After we talk to you initially--we will come to the home for the assessment, such as what we just described. Pressure washing for a roof is different than pressure washing for the siding. Some jobs will take different equipment, and some may take more than one technician--it doesn't necessarily mean it will cost more, but we do things right the first time, and your estimate means a lot to us. Not only do we want to earn your present and future business, but we want to keep it. We work on very exacting and honest estimates, so we take a little time to make sure that everything is the way you need it, and we have presented you with the best options and prices available to you for the project you want to be done.

  • The last part of the process is the prep and the work. We arrive on time and work on the schedule we set with you. Some structures are faster to clean than others, and some need several days to complete a job. In the assessment, we will let you know and explain thoroughly what needs to be done--how many phases of the project and how long it will take
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Our Specialties

We can clean most properites same day!

Eco-Friendly Products:

We use only the most environmentally safe products available to do the job. We know Orange County are Eco-conscious and don't want to harm the environment while cleaning the outside of your home.

Driveways And More

We have chemicals that will naturally consume mold and mildew, and we just simply wash it away. Call us today for an estimate on your next pressure washing project.

Decks and Pressure Washing: What You Need To Know

What can give your home an instant makeover while also increasing the resale value of your home? Adding a deck, of course. You see it on do-it-yourself television shows all the time. Take an old and outdated home, add a deck to it, and you’ve automatically given this antique home new life and fantastic curb appeal. Having a deck is also essential if you’re the type of homeowner who loves to entertain or if you’re the grill master who enjoys spending his Saturday afternoon outside flipping hamburgers for visiting friends and family members. Other reasons for building a deck might include things like Augusta GA pressure washing and river boating on the Savannah. 

Our Best Projects
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These guys did a great job for us and we'll use them again soon!

Jack Ryana Sales Manager

It hard to find quality professionals in this line of work but they did a wonderful job for us. Highly recommended!

Jane Wilde Project Manager

They did a fantastic job on our house and garage. The driveway looks great and I can't believe I waited so long to do this. Thank you for a wonderful job!

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